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Fully realizing that dress, appearance, and grooming change continually, the Board reserves the right to determine appropriate dress and grooming guidelines.

Accordingly, the Superintendent shall establish such grooming guidelines as are necessary to promote discipline, maintain order, secure the safety of students, and provide a healthy environment conducive to academic purposes. Such guidelines shall prohibit student dress or grooming practices which:

 A.present a hazard to the health or safety of the student himself/herself or to others in the school;

 B.interfere with school work, create disorder, or disrupt the educational program;

 C.cause excessive wear or damage to school property;

 D.prevent the student from achieving his/her own educational objectives because of blocked vision or restricted movement.

Such guidelines shall establish the dress requirements for members of the athletic teams, bands, and other school groups when representing the Corporation at a public event.

The Superintendent shall develop administrative guidelines to implement this policy which:

 A.designate the principal as the arbiter of student dress and grooming in his/her building, as prescribed in the student handbook;

 B.instruct staff members to demonstrate, by example and precept, personal neatness, cleanliness, propriety, modesty, and good sense in attire and appearance.

Students who violate the foregoing rules will be subject to disciplinary consequences as outlined in the student handbook.

I.C. 20-33-8-12

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