School City of East Chicago
Bylaws & Policies


In order to recognize its responsibility to provide students the opportunity to receive a maximum amount of credit for completion of course work leading to high school credit, the School Board establishes the following policy and criteria regarding the application of credits earned for high school credit prior to the students entering grade 9.

For credit or course-work to be accepted for courses taken prior to entering grade 9 compliance with minimum requirements established by the State must be met.

Credits earned at the junior high school level are supplemental to those required by Core 40.

Course content must meet the competencies and proficiencies of the corresponding high school course. Corresponding grades are to be recorded on the student's transcripts and included in grade point averages.

Administrators will consider carefully the circumstances under which credit will be awarded for courses taken before students enter grade 9. The intellectual, social, and emotional maturity of students as well as course content should be considered. In addition, the administrator will remind parents and students that there is a direct correlation between SAT and ACT scores and the number of academic courses taken in high school.

Grading policies and practices will be consistent at both the high school and pre-high school levels.

High school credit will only be given for courses which satisfy State proficiencies and Core 40 competencies, where applicable.

The requirements for the Academic Honors Diploma may be satisfied with high school credits awarded before students enter grade 9 provided:

 A.students earn a grade of "C" or higher for each course; are included on high school transcripts;

 C.grades are included in high school GPA's.

The following provisions in the Academic Honors Diploma rule apply when a pre-high student completes algebra Level I or foreign language Level I but does not receive high school credit for the course:

 A.If a student has completed a pre-high school curriculum that is equivalent to high school algebra Level I but does not receive high school credit for the pre-high school algebra curriculum and is placed in high school Level II, that student must earn only six (6) high school mathematics credits.

 B.If a student has completed a pre-high school curriculum that is equivalent to a Level I high school foreign language but does not receive high school credit for pre-high language curriculum and is placed in a Level II high school foreign language, that student must earn only four (4) credits in that language or two (2) credits in that language and four (4) credits in another foreign language.

511 IAC 6-7-1, 511 IAC 6.1-1-2