School City of East Chicago
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board directs that the assignment of students to schools within this Corporation be consistent with the best interests of students and the best use of the resources of this Corporation.

The Board shall determine the school attendance areas in the Corporation and the students in each attendance area shall attend the school designated by the Board.

When directed by the Board, the Superintendent shall review attendance areas and recommend changes as may be justified by:

 A.consideration of student safety, transportation, distance, and travel time;

 B.convenience of access to schools; and administrative efficiency.

The Superintendent may assign a student to a school other than the school serving the attendance area established by the Board if the exception is consistent with the interests of the student and Corporation.

Continuing a student in an elementary school to which s/he is initially assigned.

When in the interests of the students and Corporation, siblings shall be assigned to the same school.

The Superintendent shall assign incoming students to such schools, grades, and classes that meet the studentís educational needs.

A principal shall assign students in a school to grades, classes, or groups based on the needs of the student and the Corporation.

I.C. 20-26-5-4(2) and (13)

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