School City of East Chicago
Bylaws & Policies


The School Corporation prohibits dating relationships between employees when one employee has supervisory or evaluative capacity over the other employee. Workplace romances often end in failure which can lead to harassing behavior that may result in sexual harassment and discrimination cases being filed against the School Corporation.

If two (2) employees enter into a dating relationship, they may not remain in a professional supervisory relationship or in positions where one (1) individual may affect the terms or conditions of employment of the other employee. Once aware of the situation, the School Corporation will attempt to identify other available positions, and the supervisory employee will have ten (10) business days notice of impending reassignment from his/her current position. If no alternate position is available, the supervisory employee's employment will terminate no later than thirty (30) days after the situation was identified and the process of correction was begun.

For purposes of this policy, an individual has "professional supervisory responsibility" for another individual if s/he performs functions including, but not limited to, supervising, evaluating, hiring, coaching, counseling, recommending, assigning daily tasks, teaching or making decisions that confer benefits such as compensation, promotions, progress, benefits or other remuneration or that may impact upon employment opportunities.

Any supervisor or employee who becomes aware of such a relationship where professional supervisory responsibility exists, should report it to the Human Resources Department so that appropriate steps may be taken to maintain consistency with this and other School Corporation policies.