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The School Board encourages cooperation with State approved colleges and universities in the training of student teachers and administrative interns, because the public school offers an essential ingredient - direct experience with students and teachers at work in the classroom, but certain safeguards have been found to be necessary for the best interests of all concerned.

Colleges and universities should first make contact with the Superintendent regarding placement of a student teacher or administrative intern.

The Superintendent shall, with the approval of the Board, make the final placement of student teachers or administrative interns.

Professional staff members who agree to serve as supervisors of student teachers or administrative interns may accept honoraria or stipends directly from the college/university for those services rendered outside the regular school day and above and beyond the duties and responsibilities specified in their contract.

The following conditions shall also be met:

 A.The institution making the assignment shall provide adequate follow-up supervision.

 B.The institution making the assignment shall provide the School Corporation with a criminal background check on the candidate prior to the placement of the student teacher/administrative intern with the School Corporation.

 C.The supervising teacher or administrator must agree to work effectively with both the student teacher or administrative intern and the institutional supervisor.

 D.If at any time the quality of teaching or administrative internship is judged to be inferior or s/he is disruptive to the on-going program, the Superintendent may request withdrawal of that person from the program.

The Board also authorizes the Superintendent to provide, in cooperation with appropriate colleges and universities, a "field experience" program in order for selected interns to gain first-hand knowledge of and experience in a school environment.

The Superintendent may terminate a teaching program if one or more aspects of the program are not of high quality or meeting Corporation needs or expectations.

I.C. 20-26-5-23
511 IAC 10-2-8

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