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The Board recognizes the need to procure the services of substitute teachers in order to continue the operation of the schools as a result of the absence of regular personnel.

The Superintendent shall employ substitute teachers as services are required to replace temporarily-absent regular staff members. Such assignment of substitute teachers may be terminated when their services are no longer required. The Corporation shall not employ persons holding a substitute teacher permit/license when licensed teachers are available.

Substitute teachers must possess a valid Indiana substitute teacher permit/license kept on file in the Office of the Superintendent or hold a valid Indiana initial practitioner, proficient practitioner, or accomplished practitioner license, emergency permit, visiting teacher permit, or transition to teaching permit, which shall be kept on file in the office of the Superintendent.

In order to obtain proper licensure for substitute teaching, the Superintendent shall submit, on a yearly basis, to the Indiana Department of Education a substitute plan consisting of the following elements, at a minimum:

 A.the Corporationís requirements for a substitute permit;

 B.the minimum of a high school diploma earned from an accredited school;

 C.plan for reciprocity with other Indiana corporations providing for their utilization of substitute teachers who were licensed by the Corporation submitting the plan, if applicable; and mentoring procedures for first year substitute teachers; and

 E.any additional documentation, as may be required by the Indiana Department of Education.

An individual who holds a professional license, provisional license, limited license, or an equivalent license issued by the Indiana Department of Education and serves as an occasional substitute teacher shall be compensated on the Corporationís substitute teacher pay schedule. Provided, however, that an individual who holds a professional license or provisional license and serves as a substitute teacher in the same teaching position for more than fifteen (15) consecutive school days shall be compensated on the regular pay schedule for Corporation teachers.

A substitute teacher may be employed without a written contract.

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Revised 4/16/18

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