School City of East Chicago
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board recognizes the need to procure the services of substitutes in order to continue the operation of the schools as a result of the absence of regular personnel.

The Superintendent shall employ substitutes as services are required to replace temporarily-absent regular staff members. Such assignment of substitutes may be terminated when their services are no longer required.

Professional substitutes must possess a valid Indiana professional certification kept on file in the Office of the Superintendent.

In order to obtain proper certification for substitute teaching, the Superintendent shall submit, on a yearly basis, to the Division of Teacher Licensing of the Indiana Professional Standards Board a certification plan consisting of the following elements: requirements for the substitute

 B.documentation of positive work experience with children

 C.the design for in-service training and/or pre-service preparation

 D.pre-employment screening process for criminal background and reference checks

 E.the process for assessing the effectiveness of the substitute teacher

The Superintendent shall sign and submit each application for certification to the Division of Teacher Licensing.

This certification process will apply to all new substitute teachers.

I.C. 20-28-5-12, 20-28-5-14

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