School City of East Chicago
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board directs the Superintendent to develop and implement a systematic plan for the continuous evaluation of the educational program against the educational goals established by this Board. To this end, s/he shall employ such tests and methods as may be indicated by sound professional judgment. Wherever possible, the assessment program shall follow evaluation administrative guidelines set forth in the courses of study and course guides.

The Superintendent shall maintain a calendar of assessment activities and shall make periodic evaluation reports to the Board. Findings of the assessment program may be used to evaluate the progress of students and:

 A.the effectiveness of the curriculum;

 B.the effectiveness of the school/delivery system.

The Superintendent shall recommend improvements in the educational program annually, based on the evaluation of the Corporation's program.

The Board reserves the right to employ experts from outside the School Corporation to serve in the evaluation process.

The Board will annually make available to the public the progress of the student body toward the goals of the Corporation.

Assessment results obtained under this policy shall not be used for comparison purposes except as required by statute and State Department of Education administrative guidelines or internally, as authorized by the Superintendent or Board.

511 IAC 5, 511 IAC 6-2-1