School City of East Chicago
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board recognizes that the regular school program may not be appropriate for all students. There are those who need an education but are unable or unwilling to participate properly in the Corporation's established program.

The Board may provide an alternative school education program for all students who, in the opinion of the Superintendent, will benefit from this special program.

The Superintendent is authorized to submit a grant proposal to the State for the support of the alternative education program providing the students who participate are limited to those who meet one or more of the following eligibility requirements:

 A.The student intends to withdraw or has withdrawn from school.

 B.The student has failed to comply academically and would benefit from the type of instruction offered in the alternative program.

 C.The student is a parent or expectant parent and is unable to regularly attend the traditional school program.

 D.The student is employed and the employment both interferes with his/her regular school program and is necessary for the support of the student and/or his/her immediate family.

 E.The student is a disruptive student, i.e. one who has a documented record of frequent disruptions of the school learning environment despite the school's efforts to modify the behavior in conformity with the school's progressive discipline program (see Policy 5610.02 and Policy 5610).

Any student who participates in a State-supported alternative program must have an Individual Service Plan to guide his/her participation. The plan must be in writing and indicate that the student's teacher(s) and principal jointly agree that the student is likely to benefit academically from participation in the program. The plan must also describe the educational and behavioral goals for the student, the educational program in which s/he will participate, and any necessary services required by the student and/or the family in order for the student to achieve the goals specified in the plan.

I.C. 20-30-8.1 et seq.

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