School City of East Chicago
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board believes that the education of children is a joint responsibility, one it shares with the parents of the school community. The School Board realizes it has the responsibility of protecting the rights of students in keeping and sharing student records.

Meetings such as parent-teacher conferences, case conferences, meetings under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, discipline-related conferences and the like, may be audiotaped with the permission of the building administrator but may also be recorded by the School Corporation. Any tape made by the Corporation will become a part of the studentís file and is governed by the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Such meetings will not be videotaped under any circumstances.

In making a decision whether a meeting is to be audiotaped, the building administrator will consider the following:

 A.the importance, to both parents and the Corporation, of having a verbatim record of the hearing

 B.the ability or inability of all necessary parties to be present in person or by phone at the meeting

 C.the length and the complexity of the meeting

 D.past dissatisfaction with written notes from former meetings

 E.any other circumstances which have a direct bearing on the quality/success of the meeting