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The School Board is concerned about the growing number of children who are not provided sufficient care, nurture, or supervision when not attending school. This has serious implications for their general well-being as well as for their ability to benefit from the school program to the extent they need or want to.

Since these children constitute a significant portion of the growing number of students who are considered "at-risk", the Board shall seek to provide appropriate programs and services for these, as well as all other students in Grades K through 6, through the use of Corporation staff and facilities and/or by contracting, in writing, for its facilities to be used by an outside organization.

The Superintendent shall establish administrative guidelines that will ensure:

 A.programs and services are available to participating students after school;

 B.the organization(s) providing these programs:

  1.has acquired adequate liability insurance of not less than $300,000 per person and $5,000,000 per occurrence and has listed the Corporation on the policy as an insured; maintaining appropriate adult to child ratios; providing quality child care, and, in general, complying with guidelines established by the State and the Corporation;

 C.that the contracting organization has specified the fee schedule that the organization proposes to charge parents for the use of the child care programs;

 D.the time periods are scheduled so that a student may participate from the time s/he leaves a supervised environment until s/he may return to one;

 E.the major emphasis of the program is on providing educational activities that help the students learn how to function more effectively as learners in the school setting while at the same time coping better with the out-of-school factors that are keeping them at risk and providing opportunities for students to engage in beneficial recreational, noneducational activities;

 F.any fees charged to the contracting organization are not for the use of facilities, but are only for providing security, maintenance, utilities, Corporation personnel, or other added costs directly attributed to the use of the buildings for the programs.

I.C. 20-26-5-2

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