School City of East Chicago
Bylaws & Policies


The proper performance of school business and administration of an effective educational program requires the services of individuals of integrity, high ideals, and human understanding. To maintain and promote these essentials, the School Board expects all administrators to maintain high standards in their working relationships, provide professional leadership in the Corporation and community, and in the performance of their duties, to:

 A.recognize basic dignities of all individuals with whom they interact in the performance of duties;

 B.represent accurately their qualifications;

 C.exercise due care to protect the mental and physical safety of students, colleagues, and subordinates; and apply the knowledge and skills appropriate to assigned responsibilities;

 E.keep in confidence legally-confidential information;

 F.ensure that their actions or those of another on their behalf are not made with specific intent of advancing private economic interests;

 G.avoid accepting anything of value offered by another for the purpose of influencing judgment;

 H.refrain from using his/her position or public property, or permitting another person to use an employee's position or public property for partisan political or religious purposes. (This will in no way limit constitutionally or legally protected rights as a citizen.)

In addition, the Board believes that each administrator should maintain standards of exemplary professional conduct and conform his/her behavior to the code of ethics set forth below as adopted from the American Association of School Administrators' Statement of Ethics for School Administrators by:

 A.making the well-being of students the fundamental value of all decision making and actions;

 B.fulfilling professional responsibilities with honesty and integrity;

 C.supporting the principle of due process and protecting the civil and human rights of all individuals;

 D.obeying local, State and national laws and not knowingly joining or supporting organizations that advocate, directly or indirectly, the overthrow of the government;

 E.implementing the Board's policies and administrative rules and regulations;

 F.pursuing appropriate measure to correct those laws, policies, and regulations that are not consistent with sound educational goals;

 G.avoiding the use of his/her position for personal gain through political, social, religious, economic, or other influences;

 H.accepting academic degrees or professional certification only from duly accredited institutions;

 I.maintaining the standards and seeking to improve the effectiveness of the profession through research and continuing professional development;

 J.honoring all contracts until fulfillment, release or dissolution mutually agreed upon by all parties to the contract.

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