School City of East Chicago
Bylaws & Policies



Board Authority


The supervision of this Corporation shall be conducted by the School Board, hereinafter sometimes referred to as the "Board", which is constituted and is governed by the laws of the State of Indiana.



Board Powers


The School Board shall be a body corporate, and, as such, capable of suing and being sued, contracting and being contracted with, acquiring, holding, possessing and disposing of real and personal property, and taking and holding in trust for the use and benefit of the Corporation, any grant or devise of land and any donation or bequest of money or other personal property.


The power of this Board extends to those matters expressly granted by statute or those matters which may be necessarily implied from such powers specifically delegated as being necessary to carry them out.


The Board shall retain the power to act, through written policies, in situations in which there is no action required by statute nor by statutory prohibition to act.


The School Board shall have the management and control of all facilities and programs in the Corporation and the employees, students, and other persons entering upon its premises.


I.C. 20-26-3, 20-26-5-4, 20-26-5-5, 36-1-7



Philosophy of the Board


A School Board is a legal entity for providing a system of public education within a geographic area of the State of Indiana. The system was created by, and is governed by, State statutes.


The School Board has the dual responsibility for implementing legal requirements pertaining to public education and for meeting the desires of the citizens. While the Board has an obligation to determine and assess citizen desires, it is understood that when individuals are elected or appointed to represent citizens in the conduct of specified educational programs, they, at the same time, are endowed with the authority to exercise their best judgment in determining policies, making decisions, and approving procedures for carrying out the responsibility.


The Board declares and, thereby, reaffirms its intent to:



Maintain two-way communications with citizens of the Corporation. The Board shall keep them informed of the progress and problems of the School Corporation, and the citizens shall be urged to bring their aspirations and concerns about the Corporation and its schools to the attention of this body.



Establish policies and make decisions on the basis of declared educational philosophy and goals.



Act as a truly representative body for citizens in all matters related to programs and operations. The Board recognizes that ultimate responsibility for public education rests with the State, but the School Board has been assigned specific authority through statute, and the Board shall not relinquish or fail to exercise that authority.

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