DeWitt Public Schools
Administrative Guidelines


The following characteristics should be true of the District's education curriculum which will guide instruction.

 A.Each curriculum objective should be concise and understandable to staff, students, parents, and the community.

 B.Each curriculum objective should encompass previous learnings and require the student to integrate and then apply certain knowledge, skills, and attitudes in order to demonstrate achievement of the standard.

 C.Each curriculum objective should constitute learning that is:

  1.durable - will be useful to the student for a considerable period of his/her lifetime;

  2.significant - will have a major effect upon how the student will function;

  3.transferable - will be useful in meeting needs in other educational programs, the world of work, and/or the student's personal life.

 D.Each curriculum objective should be feasible for the staff and students to accomplish.

 E.Each curriculum objective should be measurable on a cumulative basis and at different stages of the student's career in the District and the measurement should be both valid and reliable.

 F.Each outcome assessment and evaluation should be accompanied by both the criteria by which the learning will be judged and the standards of quality which will apply.

Revised 5/04