Decatur County Community Schools
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5530.01 - DRUG TESTING


The Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Testing Procedures at Decatur County Community Schools are focused upon the welfare of students. The policy and procedures support students and parents as they make healthy choices. In the case of violations, the policy holds students responsible for their actions and consistently confronts all situations with clear-cut consequences, compassion, and an understanding of the nature of our students and the importance of the educational process. The policy is written and administered in accordance with all applicable legal requirements, policies, and statutes. The policy seeks to keep students involved in the school and its programs and to provide learning experiences that lead students to responsible healthy choices.


Decatur County Community School Corporation has a strong commitment to the health, safety, and welfare of its students. Our commitment is to maintain our schools as safe and secure educational environments. Safe extracurricular participation and safe driving to school and parking on school grounds require a clear policy and supportive programs relating to detection, treatment, and prevention of substance abuse by students involved in these activities. It is our intent to provide our students with opportunities for success in combating substance abuse and the peer pressure related to the use of illegal and/or unhealthy substances.


There are two (2) purposes of this program:

 A.To deter the use of illegal substances at North Decatur and South Decatur High Schools; and

 B.To enhance the health and safety of all students participating in extracurricular activities as well as those who enjoy the privilege of driving to school and parking on school grounds.

It is also the aim of this program to educate, help, and direct students away from drug and alcohol use and toward a healthy and drug free participation. Students involved in extracurricular activities need to be exemplary in the eyes of the community and other students. No student shall be expelled or suspended from school as result of any "positive" test conducted by his/her school under this program other than stated herein.


Participation in extracurricular activities as well as in driving to school and parking on school grounds is a privilege. This policy applies to all Corporation students in grades 9 - 12 who wish to participate in extracurricular activities. It also includes any student who wishes to drive to and from school, to and from C4 Career Center, or park on school grounds. Any student not driving or participating in an extracurricular activity who would like to enroll in the program or any custodial parent/guardian wishing to enroll their student for the random testing program is welcome to do so by completing the consent form.


 A.All Sanctioned IHSAA Sports, (including support personnel - managers, statisticians, filmers) including cheerleading and dance

 B.The privilege of driving to and from school and parking on school property


Interscholastic Teams











Cross Country

Cross Country













These procedures are in effect 365 days a year for all students who participate in the listed activities.


The extensive Congressional findings in the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1994 [20 United States Code 7101 et seq. and specifically 7102.]

 A.I.C. 20-10.1-4.2 that directs this School District to plan and maintain drug-free schools.

 B.I.C. 20-10-4-9.1 that directs that this School District provide instruction concerning the harmful effects of illegal drugs.

 C.I.C. 35-46-1-10.5 which makes it unlawful for children under the age of eighteen (18) to possess tobacco or tobacco products.


The sponsor, coach or director of each extracurricular activity will require the attendance of all prospective participants at one (1) or more drug education sessions. Prospective participants shall receive a copy of this policy and the policy will be explained to them at that time. An educational presentation will also be made to educate the students about the harmful effects and consequences of alcohol and other drug abuse. Students will receive information as to where they can seek professional help, if needed, for use or abuse problem. The Assistant Principal/Athletic Director at each school will be responsible for overseeing this part of the program.


It is MANDATORY that each student who participates in extracurricular activities as well as those who drive to or from school activities or park on school grounds, sign and return the "Consent Form" prior to participation in any extracurricular activity, or driving to or from school. Failure to comply will result in non-participation.

Each extracurricular participant as well as drivers shall be provided with a "Consent Form", a copy of which is attached hereto, which shall be dated and signed by the participant and by the parent/guardian. In so doing, the student agrees to participate in the random drug-testing program at Decatur County Community Schools. This form will be kept on file for the length of the student's high school career. To withdraw from the program, the parent/guardian must sign a withdrawal form and have a personal interview with an administrator or designee. Failure to comply will result in non-participation and/or loss of driving privileges.


Rights and notices to parent/guardian described in this policy will be provided only to the student after age eighteen (18).


 A.As each student turns in his/her consent form a school employee will give it a number, by writing it on the face of the form. Numbers will begin with "1" and forms will be numbered consecutively as they come in. The list of names and numbers will be kept in a locked file in the principal's office.

 B.On the date of testing, which could be on any day of the week, Monday through Saturday, the principal or designee will access the website, and type in the range of number 1 through the amount of forms turned in. The principal or designee will also type in the number or random numbers required - one (1) for each test to be administered. The website will provide the random numbers. The students whose names correspond with the numbers will be tested.

 C.No student will be given advance notice or early warning of the testing. In addition, a strict chain of custody will be enforced to eliminate invalid tests or outside influences.

 D.Upon being selected for a testing under this policy, either by random draw, reasonable suspicion, request of a parent/guardian, or a "follow up" test, a student will be required to provide a sample of "fresh" saliva according to the quality control standards and policy of the laboratory conducting the test. The test will be conducted in a private office under the direct supervision of the testing coordinator and the school nurse.

 E.If it is proven that tampering or cheating has occurred during the collection, the student will become ineligible for all the extracurricular activities or ineligible to drive to and from school for the remainder of the school year. This will be reported to the parent/guardian.

 F.Immediately after the sample is taken, the student may return to class with an admit slip or pass with the time s/he left the collection site. The principal or designee must time and sign the pass.

 G.The testing sample will then be turned over to the testing laboratory, and each specimen may be tested for Amphetamines, Cocaine, THC, Methamphetamines, Opiates, PCP, Barbituates, Benzodiazepines, Methadone, Alcohol, and Cotinine.

 H.The laboratory selected must follow the standards set by the Department of Health and Human Services. It must be certified under the auspices of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) and the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).


 A.The certified laboratory will provide training and direction to those who supervise the testing program, set up the collection environment, and guarantee samples and supervise the chain of custody.

 B.The principal or designee will be responsible for escorting students to the collection site. The student should bring all materials with him/her to the collection site and should not be allowed to go to his/her locker. Once a student is notified that they have been chosen to provide a sample, they will not have the opportunity to self-report.

 C.Before the student's sample is tested by the laboratory, the student will agree to fill out, sign and date any form, which may be required by the testing laboratory. If a student chooses, s/he may notify the administrator that s/he is taking a prescription medication.

 D.A test vial will be given to each student. The vial will remain in the student's possession until a seal is placed upon the vial. The student will initial that the sample has been sealed. Only the lab testing the sample may break the seal.

 E.If the seal is tampered with or broken, after leaving the student's possession and prior to arriving at the lab, the specimen is invalid. The student will be called again as soon as possible. The student will remain eligible for all activities subsequent to a retest.

 F.The student will insert the test stick into his/her mouth and will be instructed by the supervisor when to extract the test. Once the test strip indicates a sufficient sample, the test strip will be sealed in front of the student.

 G.After it has been sealed, the testing supervisor will ship the sealed sample via commercial carrier. The testing laboratory will report the results back to the principal or designee.

 H.In order to maintain confidentiality, the container that contains the saliva sample to be tested will not have the name of the student on the container. Instead, the student's random identification number will appear on the container. Also, the result sheet for the sample will be mailed back to the principal or designee with no name attached; only the student's random identification number will appear on the result sheet.


 A.This program seeks to provide needed help for students who have a verified "positive" test. The student's health, welfare, and safety will be the reason for preventing students from participating in extracurricular activities and/or driving to and from school or parking on school grounds.

 B.The principal or designee will be notified of a student testing "positive" (that is, if the test shows that drug residues are in the student's system after using at least two (2) different types of analyses). The principal or assistant principal will notify the student and his/her parent/guardian. The student or his/her parent/guardian may submit any documented prescription, explanation, or information, which will be considered in determining whether a "positive" test has been satisfactorily explained. In addition, the student or parent/guardian may appeal by requesting that the certified laboratory, at a cost to the student or his/her parent/guardian, test the original sample again. Refusal by any student enrolled in this program to submit to a drug screen when directed will be considered a violation under the terms of this program.

 C.If the test is "positive", the principal or designee will meet with the student and his/her parent/guardian at a school corporation facility. The student and parent/guardian will be given the names of counseling and assistance agencies that the family may want to contact for help. The student must enroll in an approved counseling program and actively participate until successfully completing the program.

 D.A "follow up" test will be requested by the principal or designee after such an interval of time that the substance previously found would normally have been eliminated from the body as determined by the Medical Review Officer of the laboratory. If this "follow up" test is negative, the student will be allowed to resume extracurricular activities or driving to or from school. If a second "positive" result is obtained from the "follow up" test, or any later test of that participant, the same previous procedure shall be followed. In addition to the random-testing program, the Corporation reserves the right to test for the next 365 days any participating student who tested "positive" and did not make satisfactory explanation.

 E.Information on a verified "positive" test will be shared with the students' coach or sponsor with the words: "Said student is ineligible for any extra-curricular program." No mention of the results of a drug test will be reported to any coach or sponsor.

 F.Drug testing result sheets will be returned to the principal or assistant principal identifying students by number and not by name. Names of students tested will not be kept in open files or on any computer. Result sheets will be locked and secured in a location to which only the principal or designee will have access.


The contents of this policy supercede the Code of Athletic Conduct previously adopted by the Board of Education.

 A.Once a positive test is produced the student is ineligible to participate in the athletic program/drive until a negative test is produced. The length of the suspension of activity/driving privilege is not to be less than fourteen (14) calendar days.

 B.During the time the student is suspended from the activity, an athlete may not practice nor represent the school at athletic contests. Rule C-9-14 of the IHSAA applies upon the student's return to the athletic activity.

 C.Students who are covered by the policy only because they have driving privileges will receive no consequences as a result of a positive test for tobacco.


 A.Under this policy, the Corporation will pay for all initial random drug tests and all initial reasonable suspicion drug tests.

 B.The "follow-up" test is the financial responsibility of the student and his/her parent/guardian.

 C.Counseling and subsequent treatment by non-school agencies is the financial responsibility of the student or his/her parent/guardian.


Under this drug testing program, any staff, coach, or sponsor of the Corporation who may have knowledge of the results of a drug test will not divulge to anyone the results of the test or disposition of the student involved, other than in the case of a legal subpoena being made upon the person in the course of a legal investigation. Once again, this will underscore the Corporation's commitment to confidentiality with regards to the program.


Apart from this drug testing program, Decatur County Community Schools and the coaching staffs/sponsors at North Decatur Jr./Sr. High School and South Decatur Jr./Sr. High School have their own training rules and requirements. Coaches/sponsors have the necessary authority to enforce those rules. Any student who violates a rule or requirement as a member of a team or activity will be subject to the consequences as defined in those rules and requirements.