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In recognizing its responsibility to uphold the minimum educational standards of the State of Indiana and protect the significance of a diploma issued by the School Board, the Board recognizes only accreditation provided by the State of Indiana or accreditation provided by the education agency of another state that maintains educational standards for its students similar to those maintained by the State of Indiana. The Board establishes the following policy and criteria regarding the acceptance of credits from nonaccredited schools, home schools, and schools not accredited by the education agency of a state (hereafter "nonaccredited schools").

Recognition of credits or course-work earned in nonaccredited schools may be granted when the student's transcript has been received and it is determined that the course-work was equivalent to Indiana Academic Standards. The Board reserves the right to assess transfer students from nonaccredited schools in order to determine proper placement and/or granting of credit and to be assured the student can demonstrate the learnings which are prerequisite to a placement and/or granting of credit.

The principal of the school the student will attend shall make the initial determination regarding the proper placement of the student and the extent to which any credit will be granted. The decision of the principal may be appealed to the Superintendent whose decision shall be final.

If credits from a nonaccredited school are granted and placed on a student's transcript,the grade entered on the transcript will be the grade determined by the local school officials conducting the review of the studentís performance while making the determination to grant credit.

Revised 2/9/11
Revised 6/12/13

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