Decatur County Community Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The most important task of the Decatur County Schools is to work with the community to empower students to develop their maximum intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual capacities. This School District will concentrate its resources to ensure the fulfillment of that responsibility.



 A.Children should become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.

 B.Change and conflict are inevitable, and each person should learn to handle these challenges constructively.

 C.Diversity enhances the educational environment for the students and the community, and fosters respect for the unique worth of each individual.

 D.It is important to learn to identify and solve problems.

 E.Cultural, social, and governmental institutions are important to both the society and the individual.

 F.Every individual is unique, has value, and possesses an innate dignity.

 G.A cooperative relationship between the home and the school is important for effective teaching and learning.

 H.A high quality staff is an essential component to a successful school system.

 I.A safe and secure educational environment is needed to permit a quality education.

 J.First class facilities are a matter of pride and are important to help demonstrate the value the community places on education.

 K.Students must have access to quality programs that are appropriate and that prepare them for their futures.