Decatur County Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines




Equipment Inventory and Repair:


All audiovisual software and hardware will be inventoried at the end of each school year. An accurate inventory of all Corporation computers and other audio-visual equipment in the Corporation will be maintained by the Technology Coordinator. Inventory of computers, other audiovisual equipment, and software will also be maintained in the school or department in which they are located.


If a piece of equipment or software requires repair, it will be sent to the Technology staff. An "out for repair" file is to contain a repair card detailing the characteristics of the problem, date requested, and the repairer.



Report of Loss:


If any equipment or software is lost, the school principal and the Technology Coordinator shall be notified. The principal may notify police, if deemed appropriate. A complete inventory of all other equipment and/or software located in the same area as the lost items shall be taken. Inventory cards for all missing equipment/software shall be kept in a separate file for use in giving information to the police and/or the insurance company.

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