Decatur County Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


To ensure fairness and consistency in the implementation of School Board policy governing use of school facilities, the following categories are established to determine priorities and a schedule of fees for approved users outside regular or extracurricular programs or activities, when designated space and facilities are available.

In all cases, emergency uses for disasters, shelter needs, and the like will take precedence.

Fee Arrangements and Priorities



Category 1: School-Affiliated Groups


School-affiliated groups are defined as those whose activities directly relate to the Corporation.


Fees for Category 1:


For occasional use during usual hours of operation, no charges will be assessed. When custodial personnel are not normally on duty, the customary overtime costs for labor shall apply.


Charges for these groups will be limited to costs incurred for extraordinary activities involving prolonged set-up, use and clean-up, and special services (security) associated with major Corporation-wide activities. In such cases, fees will be mutually determined between the requesting parties and the school administration.



Category 2: School-Community Groups


Community groups, defined as those providing educational, recreational, and cultural activities, administered by the Board, either solely or jointly, will be granted second priority to available space and facilities.


Fees for Category 2




Fees for regularly-scheduled, long-term or sustained use will be made based on negotiated settlements between the parties, developed from the direct and indirect costs incurred by the Corporation.


In addition, requests for permits for extraordinary activities involving prolonged set-ups, use and clean-up, and/or special services (security) shall require an additional negotiated fee.



Category 3: Community Nonprofit Groups


Community nonprofit groups are defined as governmental agencies; groups primarily comprised of Corporation residents providing civic, educational, or cultural activities and staffed by volunteers. Such community nonprofit groups will be issued permits for space and facilities on a third priority basis.


Fees for Category 3





Category 4: Private, Nonprofit Groups


Private, nonprofit groups, defined as those primarily comprised of Corporation residents who are requesting solitary, occasional or regularly scheduled use for an activity with educational, cultural, religious, or charitable goals, will be assigned fourth priority of available spaces.


Where extraordinary user requirements or services are required, permits will not be granted to Category 4 users. Permits for designated facilities, such as varsity fields, music rooms, and computer rooms, will not be granted to Category 4 users.


Fees for Category 4


Category 4 users will be charged the rate shown in Schedule A for allowable space permits.


When activities in Category 4 involve ticket sales or admission fees, an additional percentage will be charged based on the relationship of the admission price to actual costs.



Category 5: Commercial Users


Commercial users, defined as private, for-profit businesses, vendors, or entrepreneurs, are strongly discouraged from application. When approval is granted, level five priority will be assigned.


Fees for Category 5


Category 5 users will be charged the rate shown in Schedule A for allowable space permits.



School Facilities






Cafeteria & Kitchen

(If school food service provides meal)



Cafeteria & Kitchen

(If food service is from non-school provider)









Classroom (2-5)



Classroom (5 or more)


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