Decatur County Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


(Machinery and equipment is an apparatus, tool, or a conglomeration of pieces to form a tool. Machinery and equipment are not of an expendable nature so as to be consumed. They do not lose their identity through fabrication or incorporation into different or more complex units or substances. They will stand alone and not become a part of a basic structure or building, and may be moved between and among buildings to meet the needs of the School Corporation).

Transfer and/or Disposal

A request for asset disposal (transfer) (Form 7455 F1) is to be submitted to the Superintendent for approval. The Central Office is to keep a copy of the request and return the remaining copies to the principal/supervisor.

After approval has been received by the Board and upon disposition or transfer of an asset, the principal/supervisor shall sign and date the approved request for fixed asset disposal and shall send a copy to the Central Office.

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