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Administrative Guidelines


The following procedures must be complied with for all crowdfunding campaigns that are conducted or overseen by School Corporation employees for activities that relate to or are undertaken as a part of their job assignments. These procedures do not apply to crowdfunding campaigns that a staff member may pursue for non-Corporation related activities, in which case the employee’s affiliation with the Corporation may not be referenced and Corporation resources may not be used. Staff members are prohibited from using the Corporation’s or school’s name or any identifying features unless the staff member fully complies with the procedures outlined below.

The Superintendent shall pre-approve any crowdfunding website or service that a staff member intends to use for a Corporation-affiliated crowdfunding campaign. Such websites must contain terms and conditions that are acceptable to the School Board and consistent with Board policy and applicable laws and regulations. In determining whether to approve a specific crowdfunding service, the Superintendent shall take into consideration whether the website specializes in or has special expertise or experience in managing crowdfunding campaigns involving educational institutions. The Superintendent also should consider the amount of fees charged by the service to host/run the crowdfunding campaign, including any penalties associated with the failure of the campaign to reach its established target. For services that have 501(c)(3) designation, the underlying organization must affirm that it files all appropriate reports, including required registrations, with applicable governmental entities in states where donors reside.

Applications & Pre-Approval of Content

Prior to beginning a campaign and making the initial posting of the project on an approved crowdfunding site, the staff member must submit and obtain approval of an application to the Principal that includes the following information:



A budget for the project for which the campaign will be raising the funds or supplies and equipment and a description of how the project will be administered. If salaries are included, applicable fringe benefits also must be listed.



A copy of any narratives that will be submitted as testimonials in order to solicit the funds on the website along with any photos that the staff member wants to use on the crowdfunding site. Postings that describe the purpose and rationale for conducting the crowdfunding campaign may not reflect negatively upon the Corporation, its programs and services, or its staff and students. When describing the purpose of the crowdfunding project, staff members are prohibited from identifying specific students and/or their areas of disability or need. Additionally, postings should in no way state or imply that the funds and/or equipment/supplies received through the crowdfunding campaign are necessary in order for students to be appropriately served and educated. Any photos and any information contained in the narratives must protect student privacy and comply with FERPA.



A copy of the biographical information or personal profile that will be utilized by the staff member on the crowdfunding site.



Confirmation that the funds raised and/or the items purchased by the crowdfunding site will go directly from the crowdfunding site to the Principal of the school that will be benefitted by the funds/items.



A description of any rewards, perks, or thank you gifts that will be provided to donors, including the cost and source of the reward, perk or thank you gift.



If feasible, the staff member shall include in the posting a link to this Board policy/guideline.

The Principal will review the application along with the text that will be utilized in any crowdfunding materials to verify the proposed project and posting (1) will not create any legal liabilities, (2) complies with Board policy and guidelines, and (3) does not violate State and Federal laws and regulations. The Principal should pay particular attention to verify the posting does not infringe on student privacy rights and intellectual property laws.

If a Principal identifies an issue that may have legal implications, s/he is required to notify the Superintendent so that the Corporation’s legal counsel may be consulted prior to the Principal rendering a decision on the proposal or posting.

Campaigns will be limited in duration, as set forth in the application.

When the project is approved, the staff member/sponsor will provide the Superintendent with any information needed for the Corporation to receive donated funds directly from the crowdfunding site.

The staff member must keep the Principal informed of the status of the campaign as it progresses and at its conclusion.

The staff member is responsible for then making sure any awards, and/or appropriate recognition are sent to the appropriate donors.

Once the funds or supplies/equipment purchased by the crowdfunding site with the proceeds of the campaign are received, they will be made available to the staff member for the express purpose of fulfilling the stated purpose of the project. The staff member, in conjunction with the Principal, is responsible for making sure any funds received are used for the express purpose for which they were raised; the employee must submit to the Principal documentation of any expenditures of the funds, including any purchases made with those funds. Such documentation must be submitted within thirty (30) days of the expenditure. All funds raised and materials donated are considered the property of the Corporation and shall remain in the Corporation in the event the staff member who ran the crowdfunding campaign terminates his/her employment with the Corporation.

A staff member who violates Policy 6605 or this guideline is subject to disciplinary action.

Approved 4/12/17

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