Decatur County Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines

5530.01 - DRUG-TESTING

The student drug-testing program is an important statement made by the School Corporation with regard to its stance against the use of unauthorized and illegal drugs and substances by students. It is also an important action on the part of the Corporation to safeguard the health and welfare of all students.

All students wishing to participate in an athletic activity and/or an extra-curricular activity sponsored by the Corporation or to drive to school or an activity sponsored by the Corporation must submit an authorization form stating they will participate in the Drug-Testing Program. The authorization form (Form 5530.01 F1) must be signed by the student and the studentís parent and returned to the school in order to establish participant status.

The principal shall maintain a database that includes the names of all students involved in athletics, extracurricular activities, and parking at school. Each student shall be assigned a number. Students will be selected randomly regularly from the list of numbers for testing. Only the principal will know the name of the student associated with each assigned number. All other school and/or agency personnel will have access to the student number without the student name.

The Corporation may contract with an external agency for the purpose of collecting and/or analyzing the collected test samples. Urine samples shall be collected under the supervision of medical personnel and under such conditions that protect the privacy of the students being tested.

Saliva samples shall be provided under the direct observation of medical personnel who, at the same time, shall administer any confirmatory breathalyzer test as may be determined necessary by school officials.

After samples have been collected the testing agency shall take all precautions in safeguarding the samples, the results, and accurately reporting their findings to the principal. In all cases, the testing agency shall dispose of all negative samples and retain positive test results for at least thirty (30) days. The testing agency shall report all results by sample number to the principal.

In the case of a positive test result, the principal shall notify the student and the studentís parents being certain to protect the privacy of the student at the same time.

The principal is responsible for determining the appropriate disciplinary action when positive test results are identified.

Appeal of decisions stemming from the drug-testing program shall be applicable according to provisions of the Corporationís student due process policy.

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