Decatur County Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


The Student Code of Conduct contained in the student handbooks define in detail how the School Board expects students to conduct themselves while under the Board's jurisdiction. (See AG 5110 and AG 5600)

All professional staff members are requested to be on the alert for any student behavior which is in violation of school regulations. Students should behave in a manner that will be a credit to our schools.

A record of a student's suspensions and expulsions are to be made a part of the student's permanent record until s/he leaves the school and such record(s) are to be released in accordance with AG 8330 - Student Records.

Classroom Behavior

Generally, standards throughout the schools should be the same. However, each teacher is expected to specify particular rules and procedures suited to the specific needs of the class.

Disturbances which interrupt the learning process cannot be permitted by any teacher. When a student feels an issue is very important and a difference of opinion has come about, the student should wait until the end of the period or seek a mutually convenient time to discuss the problem with the teacher unless it pertains to the lesson.

The teacher has the responsibility and authority to maintain order anywhere in the school, particularly, of course, in the classroom. When a student repeatedly disrupts a class or refuses to accept the teacher's authority, that student should be referred to an administrator for appropriate action.

A rule of reason, restraint, and understanding applied to any difficult situation will go furthest in resolving existing differences.

If a teacher finds it necessary to send a student from a classroom for any reason, the student is to report immediately to the office.

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