Decatur County Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


Children of legal settlement who have not attained the age of five (5) by August 1st shall not be eligible for entrance into the kindergarten program nor shall a child who is not six (6) years old be eligible for entrance into first grade, unless the parents submit an appeal.

Such an appeal is to be submitted to Building Principal by no later than July 31st and shall include the following information:



name of the child




Prior to making any decision on early entrance, the child will participate in a screening program which is based on the following criteria:



Superior ratings on individual intellectual measures and no significant deviation in specific cognitive or perceptual areas.



Social maturity at least equal to the child's advanced mental status and fifth (or sixth) year birth date.

During the screening, the parents are to be interviewed in order to develop an adequate case history on the child and advised of the nature of the kindergarten (or first grade) program. No indication is to be communicated to the parents during the screening process. They should be told that the evaluation and viewpoints of the staff and parents will be presented to the Building Principal who shall make the final decision.

After the necessary data has been obtained, the decision whether or not to approve the appeal and enroll the child in the kindergarten (or first grade) program will be made by the Building Principal.

If the appeal is approved, a meeting is to be held with the parents to inform them of the decision, to counsel them about their child's particular strengths and weaknesses, and to complete the enrollment procedures for entrance into the kindergarten (or first grade) program.

Revised 3/9/15

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