Decatur County Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


These administrative guidelines are established to assist in the proper implementation of Board Policy 4122.01.

The Superintendent is directed to publish a statement notifying Corporation employees that:



no employee may manufacture, distribute, dispense, possess, or use unlawfully any controlled substance, including any chemically similar substance, any alcohol, or any drug paraphernalia at any time while on Corporation property or while involved in any Corporation-related activity or event;



any employee who violates the Corporationís Drug-Free Workplace Policy 4122.01 shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with Corporation policies and administrative guidelines.

It shall not be a violation of Corporation policy for an employee to possess or use a controlled substance if the drug is in its original container and is taken strictly as prescribed by a licensed physician or other medical professional having the power to prescribe medications pursuant to a current prescription written for that employee.

The Superintendent is directed to make a good faith effort to continue to maintain a safe environment in all of the Corporationís schools through the implementation of these administrative guidelines.

The Superintendent is directed to establish a Safe School Committee for the entire Corporation, the composition of which shall be in accordance with the Superintendentís guidelines.

The Safe School Committee shall be a subcommittee of the committee that develops the Corporationís strategic and continuous school improvement and achievement plan.

Each committee must consist of not more than fifteen (15) members who represent the following:



school personnel



parents of students and



representatives of the community

Appointments to the committee must be made in compliance with contractual provisions (if any), discussion procedures, or past practice. Each School Safety Committee may include at least one (1) member who is a member of the school or Corporation career and technical education school.

The School Safety Committee shall be responsible for developing a plan that addresses the following issues:



Unsafe conditions, crime prevention, school violence, bullying, and other issues that prevent the maintenance of safe schools.



Professional development needs for faculty and staff to implement methods that decrease problems identified above.



Methods to encourage involvement by the community and students, development of relationships between students and school faculty and staff, and use of problem solving teams.



Provide a copy of the floor plans for each building that clearly indicates each exit, the interior rooms and hallways, and the location of any hazardous materials located in the building to the local law enforcement agency and the fire departments that have jurisdiction over the school. The Corporation shall not disclose any record or part of any record if the disclosure of which would have a reasonable likelihood of threatening public safety by compromising the Corporationís security.

In developing the plan, the School Safety Committee may seek input from representatives of the following:



local law enforcement agencies;



the local Fire Marshal(s) or his/her designee(s);



emergency medical services;



a member of the Board;



building administrators;



the local emergency management service agency;



School Resource Officer(s).

The Superintendent shall recommend the approval and adoption of the Corporationís plan.

Each committee shall:



develop a drug-free school plan that:



requires each school to collect and report drug related activities in the school, including suspensions, expulsions, exclusions, police actions, or any other type of drug related behavior; and



addresses ways to eliminate illegal drugs and drug related behavior in schools;



oversee the implementation of the school plan;



oversee the implementation of the curriculum under IC 20-30-5-11.

Approved 1/14/15
Revised 4/12/17

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