Decatur County Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines
Table of Contents

2000 - PROGRAM
2210aCurriculum Development
2210cAssessing the Corporation's Learning Programs
2220aCore 40 Curriculum
2221Mandatory Curriculum
2230Course Guides
2231aLesson Plans
2240Controversial Issues in the Classroom
2240bAlternative Learning Activities for Opt-Out Students
2250Innovative Projects
2260Nondiscrimination and Access to Equal Educational Opportunity
2260cMajor Differences Between the IDEA and Section 504
2260.01aSection 504/ADA Prohibition Against Discrimination Based on Disability
2260.01bSection 504/ADA - Complaint and Due Process Procedures
2270Religion in the Curriculum
2340aField Trip Guidelines
2340bCorporation Sponsored Trips (Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular)
2340cOvernight Trips (Corporation-Sponsored)
2340eTrip Leader Responsibilities
2340fChaperones for Trips
2411Guidance and Counseling
2412Homebound Instruction
2416Procedures for Inspection of Materials Used in Conjunction with Certain Surveys, Analyses, or Evaluations
2421.01Students as Trainees
2430Corporation-Sponsored Clubs and Activities
2430aStudent Participation in Summer Camps/Programs
2431bSportsmanship Expectations
2451Alternative School Placement
2451aAlternative Placement
2460aSurrogate Parents of Disabled Students
2460cExtended School Year for Special Education Students
2464bPrograms for High Ability Students
2510aSelection of Basic Text Materials
2510bCollection of Textbook Rental Fees
2510cDelinquent Student Textbook Rental Fees
2520cResource Speakers
2531Copyrighted Works
2531aCopyrighted Works
2600School Accountability
2600aThe School Improvement Process
2623aISTEP Testing for Special Education Students