Decatur County Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


As used in the guideline, "administrator" means a certificated or non-certificated supervisor of one or more certificated and/or non-certificated employees of the School Corporation. An administrator who supervises one (1) or more certificated employees shall not be part of the bargaining unit established for purposes of implementing collective bargaining in compliance with I.C. 20-29. The term "administrator" may include employees in positions titled "Superintendent", "Assistant Superintendent", "Deputy Superintendent", "Associate Superintendent", "Principal" "Assistant Principal", "Director of Special Education", "Business Manager" and "Assistant Business Manager.

The following guidelines shall govern the employment of administrators:



The term of the initial contract for a certificated administrator other than the Superintendent shall be for no less than two (2) years. The initial term of the Superintendent's first contract shall be no less than thirty-six (36) months. A contract term in excess of the minimum may be established by agreement of the parties and may include an initial period of time to align the contract's expiration date with a school year.



The basic contract for certificated administrators shall be the regular teacher's contract as prescribed by the State Superintendent pursuant and I.C. 20-28-6-3. This contract may be amended at any time by agreement of the parties.



After the initial term established by statute, contracts for certificated administrators shall be for a term established by agreement between the Board and the administrator.



By agreeing to a contract with the Board for the performance of supervisory duties, an administrator shall agree that he/she can perform the essential functions of the position they will occupy with or without reasonable accommodations.

All contracts for the employment of administrators shall be approved by a majority of the full Board and after approval by the Board, they shall be signed by the Board President and Secretary or the Board Vice-President if either of these officers is unavailable for any reason.

I.C. 20-18-2-17
I.C. 20-28-1-3
I.C. 20-28-1-9

Revised 8/12/15

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