Dearborn Public Schools
Table of Contents

7410f1Maintenance Requisition
7410f2Gymnasium Equipment Safety Checklist
7410f3Inspection Checklist for Playgrounds
7410f4Safety Audit/Inspection Checklist
7410f5Weekly Area Inspection
7430f1Physician's Certification for Use of a Respirator
7430f2Acknowledgement of Training
7430f3Parent Notification and Authorization
7430f4Acknowledgement of PPE Training
7430f5Notice to Staff Members
7455f1Request for Asset Disposal (Transfer)
7510f1Request for Use of School Facilities
7510f2Regulations for Use of Facilities
7510bf1Request for Use of Facilities
7530f1Lending Agreement
7530af1Check-Out of Technology Equipment/Materials
7540f1Network and Internet Access Agreement for Students
7540f2Network and Internet Access Agreement for Staff Members
7540f3Notification to Parents Regarding Accounts for Computer Networks
7540f4Permission to Photograph/Videotape Release to Utilize
7540.01f1Permission to Use/Import Software