Dearborn Public Schools
Administrative Guidelines
Table of Contents

2000 - PROGRAM
2120The School Improvement Process
2112Parent Involvement in the School Program
2131Characteristics of an Effective Statement of Educational Outcomes
2210aCurriculum Council
2210bGuidelines for Program Development
2210cAssessing the District's Learning Programs
2210eCurriculum Review Model
2240Controversial Issues in the Classroom
2250School Improvement and Action Projects
2260Access to Equal Educational Opportunity
2260bGrievance Procedures for Title VI, IX, and Section 504
2261Chapter I - Incidental Inclusion
2270Religion in the Curriculum
2330aHomework - Elementary Schools
2330bHomework - Middle School
2330cHomework - Senior High School
2340aField Trip Guidelines
2340bDistrict Sponsored Trips
2340cOvernight Trips (District-Sponsored)
2340dNondistrict-Sponsored Trips
2340eTrip Leader Responsibilities
2410Bilingual Education
2411Counseling of Students
2412Home-Bound Hospital Instruction
2413Health Program
2414Reproductive Health
2421Academic and Vocational Interschool Program (AVIP)
2421.01Students as Trainees
2430District-Sponsored Clubs and Activities
2440Summer School
2450Community and Adult Education
2451Alternative School Placement
2464aIGNITE Program
2510Selection of Basic Text Materials
2521aSelection of Supplementary Materials
2521bUse of Animals in the Classroom and on School Premises
2521cResource Speakers
2521dStudent Use of Libraries/Media Centers
2521eLibraries and Classroom Collections
2521gProcedure for Use of Non-District Materials
2531Copyrighted Materials
2605Evaluation of Program
2623Testing Program