D.C. Everest Area School District
Bylaws & Policies


It is the policy of the School Board to provide transportation for those students, of any age, whose distance from their school makes this service necessary within the limitations established by State law and the regulations of the Department of Public Instruction or other appropriate agency.

To qualify for transportation, a student must attend, or reside at or beyond the following distance by grade, or otherwise reside in a hazardous area:



A.M. 4K – home pick-up and drop off



Grades K-9 - more than one half (1/2) mile



Grades 10-12 - more than one (1) mile



Hazardous areas. Regardless of distance, students whose home is located in one of the designated hazardous areas, will be transported to and from school.

Students are expected to walk up to ¾ mile to a bus pickup point depending on grade level as shown below:



Grades K-5 - one-quarter (1/4) mile



Grades 6-9 - one-half (1/2) mile



Grades 10-12 - three-quarters (3/4) mile

School buses and student-transportation vehicles shall be purchased, housed, and maintained by the District or the District shall contract for transportation services in accordance with Policy 8680 for the transportation of resident students between their home areas and the schools of the District to which they are assigned.

In accordance with State law, the District shall not transport students by alternative transportation methods of vehicles carrying more than nine (9) passengers and the operator. This prohibition does not apply to school buses operated in compliance with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s regulations.

All school buses and student-transportation vehicles, whether purchased, leased, or contracted for as provided in Policy 8680 shall comply with specifications defined in State and Federal law. Each operator of a school vehicle used to transport students of the District shall be licensed for the purpose for which the vehicle is being used and shall operate the vehicles in accordance with Federal and State laws.

The Board shall approve the attendance area boundary lines designated by the governing body of all private schools receiving services from the District. The purpose of these boundary lines will be for constituting the attendance areas for transportation purposes. Attendance areas of private schools affiliated with the same religious denomination shall not overlap. No later than May 15 in each year by statute, each private school shall notify the Board of the names, grade levels and location of all students eligible to have transportation provided by the School Board and are planning to attend such private school during the forthcoming school term. The Board may extend the notification deadline.

Transportation of eligible students with exceptional educational needs or attending a technical education program shall be arranged through the use of District-owned vehicles, through cooperation with other districts, through commercial carriers, and/or by other means in the most efficient and economical manner.

Transportation privileges may be revoked if the student's conduct is in violation of the Code of Conduct pertaining to student transportation. Such revocation shall be in accord with statutorily-required procedures.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent or designee to install and operate video cameras on District buses to enhance student safety and well-being. S/He shall establish appropriate administrative guidelines for the proper use of the cameras.

120.13(27m), 121.52, 121.53, 121.54 et seq., 121.555(1)(a) Wis. Stats.

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