Culver Community School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The Board offers tuition free enrollment to all school-age children with legal settlement within the Corporation's legal boundaries. In order to comply with the Indiana Compulsory Attendance law, the parent/guardian of a child between the age of 7 and 18 must be enrolled in an accredited school or be provided with instruction that is equivalent to the instruction made available by the Board.

If a parent/guardian does not enroll a child in an accredited school, the parent/guardian shall inform the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall inform the parents that later enrollment of the child in any of the Corporation's schools will be in accordance with Board Policy 5463 - Credits and Placement from Non-accredited Schools and the administrative guidelines associated with that policy.

A student who is being educated at a non-accredited or home school may enroll in one or more academic courses with the approval of the Superintendent. Such enrollments will be submitted to the State for funding purposes. The Superintendent may allow a resident student who is being educated at a non-accredited or home school and taking one (1) or more courses at a Corporation school to participate in one or more of the Corporation's co-curricular or extra-curricular activities provided s/he meets the eligibility criteria established for the activity.

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Revised 11/3/14

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