Culver Community School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board is vitally interested in maintaining effective communication with parents, members of the community, vendors, and others who have dealings with the Corporation. The Board realizes that although advances in technology provide the possibility of enhancing communications some innovations can also inhibit effective contact between the public and Corporation personnel.

In establishing the telephone system in the Corporation, the Board directs that incoming calls during regular school hours to the central office and to each school and operations office be answered by a live human being and not by a computer-generated voice. The reason is two-fold. The first is that schools exist to enhance the human condition and response by machine voice is dehumanizing. The second reason is to ensure that each caller's concern is dealt with in an expeditious manner. If, under certain rare circumstances it is not possible for a person to be available to answer the office telephone, a computer message may be substituted as long as the caller is also provided in the message with access either to dial 0 or to call another number in order to talk with a Corporation employee who can take some type of action in response to the caller's need. If the caller dials 0 or the other number, s/he should never obtain a voice-mail message, because it terminates any opportunity for the caller to make contact with a person rather than a machine message.

Telephone calls to extension numbers within the Corporation can be answered by voice mail provided the caller is provided the alternative of dialing 0 and talking to a live human being. Under no circumstances, is the telephone system to operate in such a way that a caller is unable to talk directly to someone who can be of assistance to the caller. In cases of emergency, lack of effective telephone contact could be critical.