Culver Community School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The Superintendent and the juvenile court may enter into a voluntary agreement for court assisted resolution of school suspension and expulsion cases. The agreement may require the court to supervise or provide for the supervision of the expelled or suspended student who has been referred to the court by the School Corporation.

The agreement may require the court do one (1) or more of the following:

 A.establish a flexible program for the suspension of the student;

 B.supervise the student;

 C.require the student to participate in a school program including an alternative educational program.

The agreement may require that the School Corporation do one (1) or more of the following:

 A.define the violation for which the student has been suspended or expelled;

 B.refer the student to the court;

 C.establish a school program including an alternative school educational program for the supervision of the student.

If the School Corporation enters into the agreement, the discipline rules adopted by the School Corporation must specify violations for which the student may be referred to the court. The agreement must provide how the expenses of supervising the student are funded.

A student shall be given an informal hearing before the court in a setting agreed upon by the court and the School Board as soon as practicable following the studentís referral to the court after notice of the hearing has been provided to the studentís parents. The hearing is not a hearing to determine whether the student is a child in need of services. However, if the court determines that a student may: a child in need of services;

 B.have committed a delinquent act;

the court may notify the office of Family and Children or the prosecuting attorney. A parent or guardian may be present, and may be required to be present, during the hearing.

All records of the studentís court appearance shall be expunged from his/her record upon the studentís completion of the out-of-school suspension or expulsion program.

I.C. 20-8.1-5.2, 20-33-8-12
20 U.S.C. 1415

Adopted 11/21/05