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It shall be the policy of the School Board to acknowledge each student's successful completion of the instructional program appropriate to the achievement of School Corporation goals and objectives as well as personal proficiency by the awarding of a diploma at fitting graduation ceremonies.

The Board shall award a high school diploma to every student enrolled in this Corporation who meets the requirements of graduation established by this Board as provided by the State. Students enrolled in the Corporation shall have the opportunity to earn the standard Indiana high school diploma with any of the designations approved by the Indiana State Board of Education.

The Corporation may award a standard Indiana high school diploma with a general designation, Core 40 designation, a Core 40 with Academic Honors designation, or a Core 40 with Technical Honors designation.

The Board shall issue a diploma for a deceased student at the request of a parent (as defined in I.C. 20-18-2-13) of the student if the student:



died while enrolled in grade 12 of a school in the school corporation; and



was academically eligible or on track to meet the requirements for the diploma at the time of death.

A student who is issued a diploma pursuant to this provision may not be considered a graduate for purposes of I.C. 20-26-13.

Students with disabilities who have completed and are ready to exit their programs may participate in graduation activities and shall be awarded, as appropriate,



a diploma.



a certificate of achievement.



a certificate of course completion.

The Corporation shall not require students with disabilities to complete locally required credits that exceed State credit requirements to receive a diploma unless otherwise required as part of the studentís individualized education program (IEP). The Board shall award a certificate of achievement to a student who is on a nondiploma track as determined by that studentís case conference committee and indicated on the student's IEP.

The Board shall award a certificate of course completion to a student who completes the minimum courses required for high school graduation but does not pass the Graduation Qualifying Examination unless the student meets the criteria for waiver under State law, in which case the Board shall award a diploma to the student.

The Board shall award a high school equivalency certificate to any individual who meets the criteria established by State law.

Additional Requirements for Students with Disabilities

During the studentís annual case review held when a student with a disability is enrolled in 8th grade, the case conference committee shall review and discuss with the student's parent (and the student, if appropriate):



the types of designations available for the high school diploma students may receive in the State of Indiana;



the course requirements for each type of designation; and



employment and career options for the student and the type of academic, technical, and vocational preparation necessary to achieve the employment or career.

The student's IEP must include the type of designation for the diploma the student will seek and courses that will allow the student to progress toward the diploma in a timely manner.

Beginning in grade 9 and in addition to the annual case review, the student's teacher of record shall communicate at least once each grading period with the student's parent concerning the student's progress toward the diploma with the selected designation. If the parent requests a meeting with the teacher of record to discuss the student's progress, the teacher must meet with the parent in a timely manner. Such a meeting does not constitute a case conference committee meeting, and a request for such a meeting does not abrogate a parent's right to call for a meeting of the case conference committee at any time.

Each student is required to meet:



the academic standards tested in the graduation examination;



the course and credit requirements adopted by the State Department of Education;



additional graduation requirements established by the Board of School Trustees.

Upon the request of the studentís parents, the student may be exempted from the Core 40 curriculum requirements and be required to complete the general curriculum to graduate as required by State law. Also, school officials may initiate a discussion with the parents about exempting a student from the Core 40 curriculum if the student does not pass at least three (3) courses required under the Core 40 curriculum or if the student scores in the twenty-fifth percentile or lower the first time the student takes the graduation exam. If the parent makes the decision to exempt the student from the Core 40 requirement, the student will be required to complete the general curriculum as required by State law.

Commencement exercises will include those students who are eligible for a diploma, certificate of achievement, or certificate of course completion as certified by the high school principal. No student who has completed the requirements for graduation shall be denied a diploma as a disciplinary measure. A student may be denied participation in the ceremony of graduation when personal conduct so warrants.

Note: Denying participation in commencement exercises to special education students who have completed their program violates 511-iac 7-27-9(b).

I.C. 20-19-2-21
I.C. 20-26-5-37
I.C. 20-32-4-1 through 13

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