Culver Community School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The Corporation will distribute annually to parents or guardians of all students the Emergency Medical Authorization Form. In the event emergency medical treatment for a student is necessary, the Corporation will adhere to the instructions on the authorization form.

The Emergency Medical Authorization Form will be kept in a separate, easily accessible file in each school building during the school year.

Any time a student or a group of students is taken out of the Corporation to participate in a school event, the staff in charge of the event must take the Emergency Medical Forms for those students. This includes, and is not limited to, students involved in music trips, athletic trips, field trips, and academic contests. This does not include student spectators at events.

Whenever it is necessary for staff members to use emergency procedures in order to care properly for a student, they are to follow the procedures described in the Superintendent's administrative guidelines and are not to abide by any "Do Not Resuscitate" (DNR) agreement that may exist for a student, unless ordered to do so by a court of law.