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Health Services

The School Board shall cooperate with the county health department to address all health matters, as required by the School Health Services Act (F.S. 381.0056). The District, including the School Health Advisory Committee, and the Collier County Health Department shall jointly develop a school health services plan, approved by the Board, that references the School Health Service Manual (

The School Health Advisory Committee is open to individuals and community organizations that support the coordinated school health program model.

The school health services plan will describe the services to be provided, the responsibility for provision of the services, the anticipated expenditures to provide the services, and evidence of cooperative planning by the District, including the School Health Advisory Committee, and the Collier County Health Department.

The school health services plan will be completed biannually, approved, and signed by the Superintendent, Board Chairperson, and county health department medical director or administrator. The school health services plan shall be reviewed each year for the purpose of updating the plan. Amendments shall be signed by the Superintendent and the county health department medical director or administrator.

The plan is to include, but not be limited to, provisions for:

 A.records review; appraisal;

 C.nurse assessment;

 D.nutrition assessment;

 E.a preventative dental program; screening;

 G.hearing screening;

 H.scoliosis screening;

 I.growth and development screening; counseling;

 K.referral and follow-up of suspected and/or confirmed health problems by the local county health department;

 L.meeting emergency health needs in each school;

 M.county health department staff to assist school personnel in health education curriculum development;

 N.referral of students to appropriate health treatment, in cooperation with the private health community whenever possible;

 O.consultation with a student's parent/guardian regarding the need for medical attention when definitive diagnosis or treatment is indicated;

 P.maintenance of records of health problems and corrective measures taken; information which will be provided by the school health nurses, when necessary, regarding the placement of students in exceptional student programs and the re-evaluation at periodic intervals of students placed in such programs;

 R.notification to local nonpublic schools of the school health services plan and the opportunity for representatives of the local nonpublic schools to participate in the development of the cooperative health services plan;

 S.immediate notification by the Principal to a student's parent, guardian, or caregiver if the student is removed from school, school transportation, or a school-sponsored activity and taken to a receiving facility for an involuntary examination pursuant to F.S. 394.463;
  The Principal may delay notification for no more than twenty-four (24) hours after a student is removed if the Principal deems the delay to be in the student's best interest and if a report has been submitted to the central abuse hotline, pursuant to F.S. 39.201, based upon knowledge or suspicion of abuse, abandonment, or neglect.

 T.budget and staffing information;

 U.number and levels of public and nonpublic schools and number of students served;

 V.communicable disease policy;

 W.immunization policy;

 X.initial school entry health examination policy; services reporting procedure;

 Z.advisory committee activities and membership; and

 AA.District and county public health unit personnel responsible for coordinating health services.

The school health services plan will describe employing or contracting for all health-related staff and the supervision of all school health services personnel regardless of funding source.

F.S. 39.201, 232.032, 381.0056, 394.463, 1002.20, 1002.22, 1003.22, 1003.453
F.A.C. 64D-3.011, 64F-6.002

Revised 4/12/16

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