The School Board of Collier County
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board shall establish a School Advisory Council (SAC) in each District school to serve in an advisory capacity to the school principal and to assist in the preparation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the school improvement plan that addresses budget, training, instructional materials, technology, staffing, student support services, and other matters of resource allocation pursuant to statute. The SAC shall also assist in the preparation of the schoolís annual budget. SACs shall not assume any of the powers or duties now reserved by Florida statutes for the Board, the principal, or other administrative or instructional staff.


SAC membership shall be composed of the school principal, teachers, education support employees, students, parents, and other community representatives. The majority of the SAC members shall not be employees of the School District.

 A.The term "teacher," as used herein, shall be defined as anyone eligible for membership in the Collier County Education Association and includes classroom teachers, certified student services personnel, and media specialists.

 B.The term "education support employee," as used herein, shall refer to any person who is employed in the school for twenty (20) or more hours during a normal workweek and who does not meet the definition of instructional or administrative personnel pursuant to statute.

 C.Student representation shall be required for SACs established at career and alternative education centers and high schools and may be included for SACs serving middle schools. Student representation is not required for SACs serving elementary schools.

 D.SAC positions classified as "parent" or "community member" shall not be filled with persons who are employees of the school.

 E.SAC positions classified as "community member" shall not be filled with persons who are regularly employed by the school system.

 F.Membership shall be representative of the ethnic, racial, and socio-economic community served by the school. The percentage of members within each demographic group on the SAC shall be within plus or minus ten percent (10%) of each respective student demographic group enrolled within the school.

 G.The principal of the school is a member of the SAC.

Selection of SAC Members

New council members shall be elected by their respective peer group, except for community representatives and the school principal. Through a countywide public announcement by the Board, all stakeholders (parents, teachers, education support staff, students, and community people) shall be notified of upcoming drive for SAC membership. Those interested would be urged to contact their local school for vacancies and nomination/election procedures. This announcement would be made by September 1st of each year. By September 15th annually, each SAC will analyze the SAC membership to determine vacancies. If vacancies exist, the school will initiate an election/selection process as detailed below.






Upon determination of vacancy, the chairperson shall notify the respective peer group(s) of the vacancy.



The SAC shall post a vacancy notification in a prominent location as well as place the vacancy notification in at least two (2) general notifications to the peer group.



A schoolís nomination process shall require only the candidateís name, address, contact information, and peer group affiliation. Parents will submit grade levels of their students and a list of applicable school groups to which they belong.



The SAC shall set a deadline for submittal of nominations.



Upon completion of the nomination process, the SAC shall establish a ballot of nominees in each peer group in alphabetical order.





The following council members shall be nominated and elected in a fair and equitable manner as determined by their respective peer group:



Teachers shall be elected by teachers through an election process as determined by the SAC through faculty meetings at large or departments/grade level/academic teams or sub-committees.



Education support employee(s) shall be elected by education support employees through an election process facilitated by the school principal.



Student(s) shall be elected by the student council. At the middle school level, the student council shall determine if there should be representation by students.



Parents shall be elected by parents through an election process hosted by one (1) of the following options:






ballots or mailings;



open house; or



any option approved by the SAC and documented in their public records.


Note: If Option d. is selected, the following required documentation must be provided:



the venue which SAC would use as an alternative;



SAC records which reflect the current membership and/or return rates of previous mailings of the first four (4) options;



a numeric analysis of why this alternative is proven to be a better venue for a SAC election;



a narrative paragraph describing why the alternative was chosen;



the results of the vote for this alternative;



The SAC shall select a community member(s) to serve on the SAC after reviewing the list of nominees prepared by the school. Community representatives shall be selected initially through a nomination and selection process facilitated by the school principal and SAC of each school.



Prior to the election of SAC members each year, the school will advertise the notice of vacancies and delineate specific procedures for ensuring input regarding possible members from local businesses, chambers of commerce, community and civic organizations, and the public at large.



The school and SAC shall seek candidates who are interested in making a commitment to participate on the SAC by representing businesses and/or the community. Notice may include press releases, direct contact, either by letter or telephone, and/or public service announcements.



The school SAC shall prepare a list of those interested individuals seeking nomination to the SAC and shall present the list to the SAC for the selection of the community representative(s).



In the event of a resignation or two (2) consecutive, non-excused absences as determined by the SAC, the SAC must appoint a community member to fill the vacancy for the balance of that school year.



By October 15th of each year, the principal shall submit a complete list of recommended SAC members to the Office of Planning and Accountability/Staff Development for submission to the Board for appointment. The membership list shall contain the name of each council member, race, the peer group represented, and a description of how the council members were nominated and elected.

Confirmation of the School Advisory Council

The Superintendent shall submit to the Board for review and approval by November 30th of each year the membership list for each SAC in the District. Each SAC shall serve, and shall be considered duly constituted until a new SAC is approved by the Board. Such approval will take place on or before November 30th of each year. Should the Board determine that a SACs membership does not meet the provisions listed above, the Board shall appoint additional members to achieve proper representation. The Office of Planning and Accountability/Staff Development shall randomly review the SAC compositions.

Responsibilities of Councils

Each SAC shall:

 A.assist in the preparation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan (SIP) (F.S. 1001.452(2)) and the Annual Report of Educational Improvement;

 B.provide assistance in the preparation of the school budget;

 C.determine how the school improvement funds allocated to the school for projects or programs included in the SIP are to be spent;

 D.oversee with staff input the allocation of (applicable) School Recognition A+ monies.

Operation of Councils

Operational procedures shall be established and mutually agreed upon by members of the SAC and shall comply with all Florida statutes and Board policies.

The procedures shall:

 A.state the duties and functions of the council;

 B.indicate the procedure for nominating and electing council members and the nomination process for selecting community representatives;
  The procedures shall reference at least two (2) notifications in languages as determined by the needs of the school and shall occur at least two (2) weeks prior to elections. Notifications shall reference election timelines, scheduled orientation meetings as well as proposed scheduled SAC meeting times.

 C.identify the procedure for electing officers, including a chairperson, vice-chairperson, and recording secretary and determine the term of office for each position;

 D.establish membership terms;

 E.establish the size of the council and the ratio of representatives among the peer groups, excluding the school principal;

 F.establish regular meetings and call for at least eight (8) meetings each school year;
  The council shall determine the date, time, and place of the meetings. At least half the meetings shall be scheduled outside the Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. time period. for at least five (5) days advance notice in writing to all members of the advisory council of any matter that is scheduled to come before the council for a vote;

 H.assure that all meetings of the SAC shall be open to the public, reasonable notice of such meeting shall be given, and minutes of the meetings must be taken, as per the government in the Sunshine Law, pursuant to F.S. 286.011;

 I.note that the SAC shall be subject to maintaining records pursuant to Article 1, Section 24, and Article XII, Section 20, of the Florida Constitution, and F.S. 119 and 286.011;
  Every person has the right to inspect or copy SAC documents within five (5) business days of the original written request or within five (5) business days after the SAC meeting. Any charge for the copying of documents should be within District procedures. The school principal or his/her designee is responsible for the maintenance of and access to SAC public records. For clarification, copies of applicable Constitution and Florida State statute language shall be attached to SAC Operations Manuals.

 J.indicate that parent participation is encouraged on all standing and ad hoc committees;

 K.establish a quorum for conducting business;

 L.provide an orientation opportunity for all prospective candidates;
  This orientation should occur during a regularly scheduled event (e.g., Open House or PTA/PTO meeting) and shall cover topics such as statutes, election procedures, and member responsibilities.

The Board shall review the membership composition of each advisory council. School advisory councils will comply with procedures set forth in Florida statutes and Florida State Board of Education Administrative Rules.

F.S. 1001.42, 1001.452

Revised 11/20/08
Revised 12/10/09