Cedar Springs Public School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education recognizes the importance of good nutrition to each student's educational performance.

Although it is the primary responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide their child a lunch, whether it is brought from home or funds to purchase one, Cedar Springs Public Schools will not refuse a student from receiving a lunch due to lack of funds. It is the household’s responsibility to ensure individual food service meal accounts have sufficient funds. A positive account balance is expected to be maintained. Charging into the negative is considered temporary, and a privilege offered to households who might lose track of their account balance.

Children, eligible for free or reduced-price meals, shall be determined by the criteria established by the Child Nutrition Program. These criteria are issued annually by the Federal government through the State Department of Education.

The Board designates the Food Service Director to determine in accordance with Board standards, the eligibility of students for free and/or reduced-price meals.

The schools shall annually notify all families of the availability, eligibility requirements, and/or application procedure for free and reduced-price meals by distributing an application to the family of each student enrolled in the school and shall seek out and apply for such Federal, State, and local funds as may be applied to the District's program of free and reduced-price meals.

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Revised 3/1/17

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