Cedar Springs Public School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education, in agreement with the Kent Intermediate School District (ISD), shall adopt a common calendar. This calendar shall be posted on the District's web site and distributed to the District's constituents. Approved annually for a five (5) year period, the calendar shall provide for the instructional program of the schools, for orderly educational planning, and for the efficient operation of the District.

The Board shall determine annually the total number of days when the schools will be in session for instructional purposes. For purposes of receiving State-school aid, the number of days and number of hours will be in accordance with statute. The Board shall ensure that school is not in session before Labor Day unless a waiver from the State of Michigan is received.

The Board shall adopt annually a five (5) year District calendar that identifies dates for each school year when school will not be in session for at least a winter holiday break, and a spring break. The calendar will identify these dates specifically for at least the next five (5) school years, and could further describe them more generally for subsequent school years as long as the dates can be readily determined.

District schools are not required to begin after Labor Day, if, prior to July 1, 2008, the District operated a year-round school or programs or an international baccalaureate academy which provides 1,160 hours of student instruction per school year.

If the District begins operating a year-round school or program after July 1, 2008, the District may apply to the Superintendent of Public Instruction for a waiver. If the State Superintendent determines that the school or program is a bona fide year-round school or program established for educational reasons, a waiver will be granted.

If the District's school year is scheduled to begin before Labor Day, the ISD may provide programs or services according to the District's calendar:



if the ISD contracted with the District to provide programs or services for students of the District; or



if the ISD operated a program or service within a building owned by the District; and



if the building/program/service is within the ISD's boundaries, or otherwise provided instructional programs or services for students of the District.

A school session shall not be held on the following public holidays in Michigan Public Schools: January 1st, New Year’s Day; the last Monday of May, Memorial or Decoration Day; July 4th, Independence Day; the first Monday in September, Labor Day; the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving Day; and December 25th, Christmas Day.

If one (1) of these days falls on Sunday, the Monday following shall be a public holiday in the public schools.

The District shall provide at least 1,098 hours of student instruction per school year.

The District's Superintendent is authorized to work with the Intermediate School District on the development of a common calendar for all of the districts in the ISD.

No more than thirty (30) hours of student instruction lost due to conditions not within the control of the District (e.g., severe storms, fires, epidemics, and health conditions), can be counted as a part of the required minimum hours/days of instruction. All subsequent hours lost for instruction cannot be counted for State school aid, unless they occur after April 1st, are due to unusual and extenuating occurrences resulting from conditions not within the control of the school authorities (such as those conditions described above), and are approved by the State Superintendent of Instruction. Hours lost due to strikes by District staff or to teacher conferences shall not be counted as hours of instruction.

The Superintendent shall certify to the Department of Education by no later than August 1st of each year, the number of hours of student instruction during the previous school year.

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