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The Board of Education recognizes that bank credit cards ("purchasing cards") offer an alternative to existing procurement processes and provide a convenient, efficient method of purchasing minor goods and services. District Employees authorized by the Superintendent may use purchasing cards only for school-related purposes in accordance with this policy and administrative guidelines to be developed by the Superintendent. Purchasing cards shall not be used to circumvent the general purchasing procedures required by State law and Board policy.

All approved cardholders must abide by purchasing card procedures and regulations set forth in this policy and relevant administrative guidelines. All transactions must be made by the individual to whom the card is issued.

To obtain a purchasing card, approved employees must provide the bank issuing the card with all personal information required by the bank to issue a card.

The Director of Business and Finance or designee shall conduct independent regular reviews of each cardholder’s activity to verify that the purchasing card is being used in accordance with this policy and administrative guidelines. Card holders must keep receipts from all purchases made and provide receipts upon request. Prices for commonly priced items should be periodically verified to prevent schemes of purposeful price inflation.

Cardholders must use common sense and good judgment when using school resources. This policy and related administrative guidelines cannot cover every issue, exception, or contingency that may arise during the cardholders use of the purchasing card.

Cardholders will immediately surrender their cards upon request of Director of Business and Finance and shall surrender their cards upon separation from employment. Cardholders are required to take reasonable prudent measures to protect the use and custody of the card and shall immediately notify the Director of Business and Finance if the card is lost or stolen.

The purchasing card may never be used to purchase alcohol or personal items or services. The personal gain of credit card rewards such as bonus points, frequent flyer miles, or any other affinity program reward by the employee/cardholder is prohibited under any circumstances.

Misuse of the purchasing card may result in disciplinary action and may be grounds for dismissal, civil litigation and criminal prosecution.

Adopted 6/6/16
Revised 12/12/16

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