Cedar Springs Public School District
Bylaws & Policies


It is the policy of the Board of Education that support staff members avoid situations in which their personal interests, activities, and associations may conflict with the interests of the District. If such situations occur, the Superintendent shall evaluate the impact of such activity or association upon the support staff memberís responsibilities and take appropriate action as necessary.

 A.Employees should not give work time to an outside interest, activity, or association without valid reason to be excused from assigned duties.

 B.Employees shall not use school property or school time to solicit or accept customers for private enterprises without written administrative permission.

 C.Employees shall not engage in business transactions on behalf of personal or private enterprise in which s/he may profit by virtue of his/her official position or authority or benefit financially from confidential information which the employee has obtained or may obtain by reason of his/her position or authority.

 D.Employees shall not campaign on school property during duty hours on behalf of any political issue or candidate for local, State, or National office.

M.C.L. 15.321 et seq., 15.401 et seq., 380.1805 (1)

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