Cedar Springs Public School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education believes that effective education includes proper evaluation of the results produced from the educational resources provided by the community and the government. As the governing body of the District, the Board has the responsibility for assessing how well goals are being accomplished.

The Board shall fulfill this responsibility by establishing a means for the continued evaluation of results which shall be systematic and specific.

The following elements will be included in its accountability program:



clear statements of expectations and purposes for each program coupled with specifications of how their successful achievement will be determined



provisions for staff, resources, and support necessary to achieve each program's purposes



evaluation of each program to assess the extent to which each program's purposes and objectives are being achieved



recommendations for revisions and modifications needed to better fulfill expectations and purposes

The Superintendent shall maintain a calendar of assessment activities and shall make periodic evaluation reports to the Board. Findings of the assessment program may be used to evaluate the progress of students, the effectiveness of the curriculum, the effectiveness of staff members, and the effectiveness of the school/delivery system.

The Superintendent shall recommend improvements in the educational program annually, based on the evaluation of the District's program. Such improvements shall reflect the plans for improvement of the educational program submitted by each school principal. Each school's improvement plan shall be based on staff's findings from program evaluations at each level as well as on the evaluations provided by the school improvement team (see Policy 2120).

The Board reserves the right to employ experts from outside the District to serve in the evaluation process.

Assessment results obtained under this policy shall not be used for comparison purposes except as required by statute and State Department of Education regulations or internally, as authorized by the Superintendent or Board.