Cedar Springs Public School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education requires that a planned program of guidance and counseling be an integral part of the educational program of the District. Such a program should:

 A.assist students in achieving their optimum growth;

 B.enable students to draw the greatest benefit from the offerings of the instructional program of the schools;

 C.assist students in career awareness and planning and in the selection of appropriate postsecondary educational opportunities.

The Superintendent is directed to implement the counseling and guidance program which carries out these purposes and:

 A.honors the individuality of each student;

 B.is integrated with the total educational program;

 C.is coordinated with available resources of the community;

 D.cooperates with parents and recognizes their concern and ideas for the development of their children;

 E.provides means for such sharing of information among such appropriate staff members as may be in the best interests of the student.

M.C.L. 380.1233A, 380.1172