Cape Coral Charter School Authority
Bylaws & Policies


Access to the Authority's website ( is encouraged.

The following resources shall be available on the Authority's website:

 A.the Authority's calendar of events

 B.Annual Accountability Report

 C.Governing Board agendas and minutes

The Board encourages employees, parents, students, and community members to check the Authority's website regularly for changes to these resources and for the addition of other resources. Some resources may require a user name and password, or a login procedure due to the personally identifiable nature of the information provided through that resource (e.g., the gradebook program and e-mail system). If a user name and password, or login procedure, is necessary to access a resource, information shall be provided on the website explaining who is eligible for a user name and password, how to obtain a user name and password, and detailed instructions concerning the login process.

Access to the Authority Network through Server

Board members, Authority employees, students, as well as contractors, vendors, and/or agents of the Authority, are permitted to use their personally-owned or Authority-owned computer or workstation and/or web-enabled devices of any type to remotely (i.e. away from Authority property and facilities) access the Authority's server and thereby connect to the Authority's Network. This policy is limited to remote access connections that are used to do work on behalf of or for the benefit of the Authority, including, but not limited to, reading or sending e-mail and reviewing Authority-provided intranet web resources and completing assigned coursework.

Each individual granted remote access privileges pursuant to this policy must adhere to the following standards and regulations:

 A.his/her device computer/device must have, at the minimum, the anti-virus software specified in the Authority's standards for remote access and connection

 B.the individual may only access the Network using his/her assigned user name and password
  The individual must not allow other persons, including family members, to use his/her user name and password to login into the Network. The user may not go beyond his/her authorized access.

 C.his/her device may not be connected to any other network at the same time s/he is connected to the Network, with the exception of personal networks that are under the complete control of the user

 D.the individual may not access non-Authority e-mail accounts (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and the like) or other external resources while connected to the Network

 E.his/her device may not, at any time while the individual is using remote access to connect to the Network, be reconfigured for the purpose of split tunneling or dual homing

 F.use of the Network is contingent upon the individual abiding by the terms and conditions of the Authority's Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety policy and procedures
  Users may be required to sign the applicable agreement form (Form 7540.03 F1 or Form 7540.04 F1) prior to being permitted to use remote access.

Additional standards and regulations for remotely accessing and connecting to the Authority network shall be developed and published in AP 7543 - Standards and Regulations for Remote Access and Connection.

Any user who violates this policy may be denied remote access and connection privileges.

Any employee who violates this policy may be disciplined, up to and including termination; any contractor, vendor, and/or agent who violates this policy may have his/her contract with the Authority terminated; and any student who violates this policy may be disciplined up to and including suspension or expulsion.

Revised 8/14/18

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