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The Governing Board authorizes staff members and students to create web pages/sites that will be hosted on the Board's servers and published on the Internet. The web pages/sites must reflect the professional image of the Authority, its employees, and students. The content of all pages must be consistent with the Board's Mission Statement and staff-created web pages/sites are subject to prior review and approval of the Superintendent. Student-created web pages/sites are subject to Policy 5722 ("School-Sponsored Student Publications and Productions"). The creation of web pages/sites by students must be done under the supervision of a professional staff member.

The purpose of web pages/sites hosted on the Board's servers is to educate, inform, and communicate. The following criteria shall be used to guide the development of such web pages/sites:

  Content should be suitable for and usable by students and teachers to support the curriculum and the Board's objectives as listed in the Board's strategic plan.

  Content may inform the community about the school, teachers, students, or departments, including information about curriculum, events, class projects, student activities, and departmental policies.

  Content may communicate information about the plans, policies, and operations of the Authority to members of the public and other persons who may be affected by Authority matters.

The information contained on the Board's web site should reflect and support the Board's mission statement, educational philosophy, and the school improvement process.

When the content includes a photograph or information relating to a student, the Board will abide by the provisions of Policy 8330 - Student Records.

All links included on web pages must also meet the above criteria and comply with State and Federal law (e.g. copyright laws, Children's Internet Protection Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act).

Under no circumstances is a web site to be used for commercial purposes, advertising, lobbying for candidates for public office, or to provide financial gains for any individual. Included in this prohibition is the fact no web pages contained on the Authority's web site may: (1) include statements or other items that support or oppose a candidate for public office, the investigation, prosecution or recall of a public official, or passage of a tax levy or bond issue; (2) link to a web site of another organization if the other web site includes such a message; or (3) communicate information that supports or opposes any labor organization or any action by, on behalf of, or against any labor organizations. In addition, before any statement that supports a tax referendum proposed by the Authority is posted on the Authority website, or on any web pages linked to the Authority web site, the Board shall adopt a resolution at a public meeting declaring that such statement serves a public purpose. Nothing in this paragraph shall prevent the Board from linking on the Authority's web site to recognized news/media outlets (e.g., local newspapers' web sites, local television stations' web sites).

Under no circumstances is a staff member-created web page/site, including personal web pages/sites, to be used to post student progress reports, grades, class assignments, or any other similar class-related material. The Board maintains its own web site that employees are required to use for the purpose of conveying information to students and/or parents.

Staff members are prohibited from requiring students to go to the staff member's personal web pages/sites (including, but not limited to, their Facebook or MySpace pages) to check grades, obtain class assignments, and/or class-related materials, and/or to turn in assignments.

If a staff member creates a web page/site related to his/her class, it must be hosted on the Board's server.

Pages should reflect an understanding that both internal and external audiences will be viewing the information.

School web sites must be located on Board-affiliated servers.

The Superintendent shall prepare procedures defining the rules and standards applicable to the use of the Board's web site and the creation of web pages/sites by staff and students.

The Board retains all proprietary rights related to the design of web sites and/or pages that are hosted on the Board's servers, absent written agreement to the contrary.

Students who want their class work to be displayed on the Board's web site must have written parent permission and expressly license its display without cost to the Board.

Prior written parental permission is necessary for a student to be identified by name on the Board's web site.

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