Cape Coral Charter School Authority
Bylaws & Policies


It shall be the responsibility of the Governing Board to provide safety and security for all students and employees of the Board.

 A.Environmental Health and Safety Program
  The Superintendent shall direct the development, implementation, and enforcement of an environmental health and safety program, compliant with applicable laws and regulations, designed to prevent injury and illness to employees, students, and the general public, and damage to property or the environment arising from the Authority's operations. The program shall include, at a minimum, loss prevention, employee training, facility inspections, and corrective maintenance.
  The principal or facility manager is responsible for the environmental health and safety program at their school or facility and for correction of "operation of plant" deficiencies within the time period specified.

 B.Fire Exit Drills
  Carefully planned and executed fire exit drills shall be conducted at the beginning of each semester, at times designated by the principal, following instruction of all classes regarding exits to be used in case of fire. At least one (1) fire exit drill shall be conducted every month school is in session. Any emergency evacuation drill (e.g., "crisis event"), completely performed, may be substituted for a required fire exit drill in a given month. All drills and all deficiencies affecting egress shall be documented in writing.

 C.Casualty, Sanitation, Fire-Safety, and Other Inspections
  Inspections of all buildings including educational facilities, ancillary plants, and auxiliary facilities for casualty safety, and sanitation shall be conducted at least once during each fiscal year and once by the local fire official (for fire safety). Conditions that may affect environmental health and safety or impair operation of the plant will be reported, with recommendations for corrective action.
  Each school cafeteria must post in a visible location and on the school website the school's semiannual sanitation certificate and a copy of its most recent sanitation inspection report.
  Fire-safety inspections of each educational and ancillary plant located on property owned or leased by the Board, or other educational facilities operated by the Board, shall be made no sooner than one (1) year after issuance of a certificate of occupancy and annually thereafter. Such inspections shall be made by persons properly certified by the Division of State Fire Marshal to conduct fire-safety inspections in public educational and ancillary plants.
  Pursuant to State law, a copy of the fire safety inspection report shall be submitted within ten (10) business days after the date of the inspection to the appropriate authority providing fire protection services to the school facility.

F.S. 1001.41, 1001.42, 1013.12
F.A.C. 69A-58.004

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