Cape Coral Charter School Authority
Bylaws & Policies


The Governing Board recognizes that the fixed assets of the Authority represent a significant investment of this community and their maintenance is of prime concern to the Board. The Board is committed to adequately providing for the maintenance of its educational plant and ancillary facilities, including safe access ways from neighborhoods to schools.

The Board directs the conduct of a continuous program of inspection, maintenance, and rehabilitation for the preservation of all school buildings and equipment. Wherever possible and feasible, maintenance shall be preventive.

The Superintendent shall develop, then periodically revise, a maintenance program for implementation by the custodial and maintenance staff.

When revising the maintenance program, the staff will evaluate maintenance-related job techniques with a specific focus on evaluation of:


 B.job techniques; and

 C.efficiency outcomes that recognize the importance of cost effectiveness, efficiency measurements, and productivity analysis.

The Superintendent shall develop for implementation by the custodial and maintenance staff such procedures as may be necessary for the ongoing maintenance of the physical plant and for the expeditious repair of those conditions which threaten the safety of the occupants or the integrity of the plant.

F.S. 1001.51
F.S. 1013.35

Revised 8/14/18

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