Cape Coral Charter School Authority
Bylaws & Policies



All property shall be acquired through proper purchasing procedures either through the Authority or internal funds, or through donations from outside sources. All property, however, including vehicular equipment shall be in the name of the Authority and under its full control. All property acquired from sources other than Authority funds, such as PTA donations, shall be reported promptly, in accordance with procedures established for property accountability.

Removal of Property

Property shall not be taken from any school building or premises for private use. Property may be lent to employees, outside agencies, or organizations only with the prior written approval of the principal or supervisor.

Disposal, Sale, or Exchange

The Board believes that the efficient administration of the Authority requires disposition of any major tangible personal-property no longer necessary for the educational programs or the operation of the Authority.

Property that is not suitable for school use shall be disposed of in accordance with State statutes.

School Memorials and Gifts

 A.No individual, group, or organization shall be permitted to erect an honor roll, memorial, or structure of any kind upon school grounds except by approval of the Superintendent and Board. Memorials shall be limited to a plaque and/or appropriately displayed portrait in the media center, office, etc. Also, a simple landscape project would be acceptable (i.e. planting of a tree, small flower garden), provided there is little or no maintenance and is consistent with the Board's master plan.

 B.Permanent structures shall have utilitarian value in the operation of the school or be erected in memory of a person who has been associated with the school either as a student or employee, or an organization that has made some outstanding contribution to the school or the Authority.

 C.The Board shall not accept a gift of art unless the cost of installation, operation, and maintenance is consistent with the value of the gift to the school.

 D.Articles of equipment donated to the schools by individuals, groups, or organizations may be accepted if they contribute to the operation of the school program. Donors shall be notified that the title of this gift shall be in the name of the Board.

School(s) - Naming and Renaming

The Superintendent, with the assistance of individuals in the community and/or community organizations, if any, shall submit proposed name(s) for school(s) to the Board for final approval.

F.S. 287.14, 287.16, 1001.42, 1010.04

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