Cape Coral Charter School Authority
Bylaws & Policies


The Governing Board prohibits any person (except authorized law enforcement personnel, or persons pre-approved by the Superintendent), including those with concealed weapons permits, from possessing, carrying, handling, concealing, or storing a weapon or firearm or facsimile thereof or any other destructive device or weapons as defined by law on school property or at a school or System sponsored event. In addition, the Board waives the vehicle exception as stated in F.S. 790.115 and prohibits keeping any weapon or firearm in a private vehicle on school property, even if the firearm stays in the vehicle, is securely encased and is not readily accessible for immediate use, except as authorized in support of school-sanctioned and supported activities including, but not limited to, property leased, owned, or contracted for by the System, a school-sponsored event, or in a System vehicle.

The term "weapon" and /or "destructive device" means any object which, in the manner in which it is used, is intended to be used, or is represented, is capable of inflicting death, serious bodily injury, or property damage, as well as endangering the health and safety of persons. Weapons and destructive devices include, but are not limited to, firearms, guns of any type, bombs, explosive, explosive devices, poison gas, knives, razors, clubs, electric weapons, metallic knuckles, martial arts weapons, ammunition, or any other category of weapon and/or destructive device as set forth in F.S. 790.001 and incorporated by reference herein.

Staff personnel shall report knowledge of dangerous weapons and/or threats of violence by students, staff members, or visitors to the principal, appropriate supervisor and/or to appropriate law enforcement agency, regardless of whether such person possesses a valid concealed weapons license. Failure to report such knowledge may subject the staff member to discipline. The Superintendent may take any necessary steps to exclude the person from System property and System sponsored events as being in the best interests of the System and the safety of persons on its property.

Further, no one may exhibit a firearm or weapon on school property, on a school bus, at a school bus stop, or within 1,000 feet of a school, during school hours or during any school sanctioned activity.

F.S. 790.001, 790.25(5), 790.33, 790.115, 790.251(7)(a), 1001.43(1)(a), 1006.07
18 U.S.C. 922, Gun-Free Schools Act of 1994
20 U.S.C. 8921
Rule 7 of the Code of Student Conduct

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