Cambridge City Schools
Bylaws & Policies


This Board is obligated and committed to provide certain basic services to students residing in the school districts under its jurisdiction and as contracted. Therefore, if the schools are open and the students are in attendance, those basic services will be provided. To neglect those responsibilities would result in the loss of funds to the District.

Recognizing the fact that a local District for various reasons could have a work stoppage, this Board remains committed to providing services to the schools and will fulfill its obligations.

Members of the classified staff are required at all times to perform their duties as assigned by the Superintendent and his/her administration. Employees who fail to perform their duties when so required will be subject to loss of pay and disciplinary measures in accordance with the policies of this Board and the laws of the State, and may be subject to the loss of pay and benefits as well.

In the event of a classified work stoppage, all certified employees and classified supervisors will be expected to remain on duty.

The status of the situation should be immediately assessed and reported to the Superintendent:

 A.the total number of employees absent

 B.the disposition taken to provide for students

 C.after the situation is reported to the Superintendent, the Building Principal shall be advised as to the calling of substitutes or others to help

All staff members on duty should be requested to assist with the control and supervision of all students until a decision is made concerning the possibility of a continuing regular classroom instruction on a building basis.

All press releases relative to any type of work stoppage shall be issued from the Superintendent's office.

The entire administrative staff will be expected to meet with the Superintendent as frequently as deemed necessary to assist with the resolution of any problem which may exist or develop as the result of a work stoppage.

Any employee organization or group of employees involved in a work stoppage will not be permitted to utilize school facilities for meeting purposes or other activities promoting work stoppage.

Students shall not be permitted to participate in any picket line that may be established. If a student refuses to obey once informed, his parents should be notified and requested to remove him from the picket line.

The following procedure shall be followed in the event certain major employee classifications participate in a work stoppage.

 A.Bus Drivers - School would be held as usual. Parents would be requested to transport students who live in those areas in which transportation is provided.

 B.Custodians - School would be held as usual.

 C.Secretaries - School would be held as usual.

 D.Lunchroom - School would be held as usual. Students who eat in the lunchroom would be requested to bring sack lunches.

Employees shall be asked to sign in for the day to verify their presence. An attempt should be made to list those on picket lines in case sickness is later claimed as a reason for absence.

In the event that the schools are ultimately closed, all school programs shall be cancelled.

R.C. 3313.202, 4117.01 et seq.