Cambridge City Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education recognizes that in certain instances an employee may wish extended leave for personal reasons and that the District could benefit from the return of said employee. For that purpose, the Board will award uncompensated leaves of absence for reasons other than those specified by statute.

The Board reserves the right to specify the conditions, when not otherwise covered by the terms of a negotiated agreement, under which uncompensated leave may be taken.

  Uncompensated leave may be granted only to an employee who has completed at least one (1) year of service to the District.

  Request for uncompensated leave shall be made to the Superintendent in advance of the desired start date to obtain adequate substitutes.
  All applications are subject to final approval by the Board.

  An uncompensated leave may be granted for a period of one year. Extensions for one year maximum shall be considered upon proper application as per C. ante. Renewal shall require clear evidence that the District's interests will not be adversely affected.

The Board shall not grant more than four (4) uncompensated leaves during one (1) calendar year.

R.C. 3319.13